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WP-CLI Talk at WordCamp Rochester 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out to my talk this afternoon at WordCamp Rochester 2016. I hope you’re able to use the WP-CLI tools to manage your WordPress sites faster using the command line.

The slides from my talk can be found here:

A large part of this presentation is a live demo. If you’re looking for the individual commands, take a look at this older version of my slides that include some of the commands you saw. What was new in this presentation was the inclusion of two scripts that I showed that automate tasks:

  • Setup Base Site – Setup a website with core, theme, a few plugins, and test data. ┬áThis script also forces a few pieces to be old versions, so that I could show the update capabilities in WP-CLI.
  • Update All – A quick script that creates a database backup, updates WordPress core, all themes, and all plugins.


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