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Before Upgrading Laravel, use “Can I Upgrade Laravel Yet?”

I’m a big fan of Laravel Shift for helping upgrade my applications from one version of the framework to the next. It’s a huge time saver.

More than once though, I’ve been caught mid-upgrade realizing that a dependency in my application does not yet support the new version of the Laravel framework. I’d end up with an open pull request that would sit there stale until the dependencies were ready. It was often easier just to close that PR and re-run the shift later.

Well, now there’s a tool that really helps make this process more reliable.

Laravel Shift now has a “Can I upgrade Laravel yet?” page where you paste in your composer.json file and it tells you if you’re able to upgrade, and if not, which dependencies aren’t compatible with the target framework version yet.

I’ve tried it on two projects, and it seems to work quite well. You can see a partial results screen in the featured image above. I’m definitely adding this tool to our upgrade procedures as a first step.

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